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Ils se dépassent pour sensibiliser aux dons de vie !

[Post in French from the ONG Laurette Fugain]

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La Course du Cœur, vous connaissez ?
Une course unique… Paris – Bourg-Saint-Maurice / Les Arcs ! 750 kms en relai en 4 jours et 4 nuits.
Mercredi en fin de journée, 14 collaborateurs de Scality se sont élancés depuis le Champs de Mars, à Paris.
Pour sa première participation, cette entreprise a décidé de s'engager auprès de Laurette Fugain.
Pourquoi notre association ? C’est une jolie histoire…
Une des collaboratrices de l’équipe a reçu une greffe de moelle osseuse en juillet 2016, et a bénéficié du soutien de l’association pendant toute la durée de son traitement : grâce aux avancées issues des projets de recherche médicale, à l'aménagement du service d'hématologie dans lequel elle était suivie et au soutien moral apporté par nos sportifs violets lors du marathon de Paris.
Et c’est à son tour de courir aujourd’hui !
Toute l’équipe Scality Rocks Course du Coeur portera haut les couleurs Laurette Fugain et lèvent des fonds pour nous!
Aidez-les à nous soutenir !

Merci à Scality de nous associer à cette belle aventure humaine !


Last day : Police escorts, mountain relays and tartiflette

CdC Day5 0271 1

Day 5. The end is nearly there. Bodies are tired, legs are nowhere to be seen, sleep deprivation is a fact but spirits are high and love is in the air!

« The day started off by a 12,5km group run for Nicolas, Juan and Christian. Uphill and downhill with a beautiful sunrise in the French Alps. A surreal atmosphere to start this final day with fog, light rain and breath-taking sceneries. The 3 boys were then relayed by Laure and Maxime for a 7,1km run. The 5 of them did amazingly well and arrived in the top 10 of their race. It was then on to Yannick, Jean-Baptiste, Niels and Nigel for a 15,4km and 11,1km race respectively. So far everything was going to plan and we thought we’d finally mastered the complicated logistics of the Course du Coeur. But as I once said at the beginning of this race, nothing ever goes to plan for a long time!

So, whilst Nicolas, Erwan and Morgan started the last of the flying relays – remember the in and out of the car, sprint relays, burning clutches? – Brad and Olympe were on their way to meeting Geraldine and Antoine in the little village of Montgirod where they would take over from the boys for the last run down to Bourg Saint Maurice. That’s Montgirod, not Montgirod les Chapelles! The lovely little village of Montgirod les Chapelles being 28,8km away from the other no less beautiful village of Montgirod! Well we could say things were looking pretty bad for Olympe and Brad, Olympe having to be 20 minutes later at the relay point with Antoine and Geraldine. But with Brad involved, a solution was quickly found. In this case, it took the shape of a police van which, luckily for us, was also meant to be at the Course du Coeur and had also confused Montgirod with Montgirod les Chapelles! Ever dreamed of getting in a car and saying “follow this car as fast as you can” and going 200 miles an hour in the streets of New York? Well it seems Brad was able to tick this one off his bucket list with the Policeman saying, “don’t worry we’ll make it happen” and putting his beacon light on. A 35 minutes’ journey was turned into a 20 minutes’ one with Brad chasing the Police van across the mountains and on the motorway – hopefully there were no radars on the way! Olympe made it on time and we didn’t tell Nicolas, Erwan or Morgan about this little hiccup until later in the day!

What was meant to be a 4-people run involving Olympe, Geraldine, Antoine and Christian finally turned into a team run down to Bourg Saint Maurice with Morgan, Erwan, Nicolas, and Juan joining for the last run/walk down to Bourg Saint Maurice and the finish line. It was a shame that Laure, Maxime, Yannick, Nigel, Niels and Jean-Baptiste were still involved in their own race and weren’t able to join on time to cross the finish line together – although they did have a special escort back with all the other C teams back to Bourg Saint Maurice! Crossing the line made it feel real and a few tears of emotions were shared! Love, happiness and generosity were on everyone’s mind and we couldn’t stop but singing and dancing – ok we did stop at some point for a couple of slices of saucisson!!
When I say the final run, that’s not exactly true! Laure, Olympe, Geraldine, Antoine, Nicolas, Erwan, Morgan, Nigel, Niels, Yannick, Maxime, Jean Baptiste, Juan and Christian still had quite a challenge ahead of them! A 15,3km run with 1061 meters of positive elevation to Les Arcs 1800! Casual little run, you know?! To prepare for this, we all headed to lunch for a giant tartiflette. For those of you who don’t know what tartiflette is, you are missing out on life! Potatoes, onions, lardons (bacon) and reblochon baked in the oven. A mountain dish so good for your soul, bad for everything else though! And so, it was on to the last of the last. The one that would allow them to say “I have ran from Paris to Les Arcs”! They were all to run 1km each and run the last km together.

I would like to take this chance, to write a special note about Laure. This last km was clearly a challenge for all of us but Laure ran through it with an exceptional strength and motivation like she did for the entire race. I wasn’t lucky enough to know Laure a year ago but knowing that it was only 12 months ago that she was diagnosed with Leukemia and that there she was running up this nightmare of a hill is just crazy really! I have never met anyone as strong as her, and she has astonished me throughout the whole adventure! I also have to say that Laure was amazing during the flying relays, telling me when it was safe to start the car again so no one would get hurt. She was sprinting, burning her lungs out and still had others’ safety in mind! Such a strong spirit and an incredible team member.
Talking about team spirit, the Course du Coeur is a challenge to one’s heart, physically obviously but emotionally too! The camaraderie and friendship that arose at every single moment of the race was unbelievable and hard to describe. I really think this kind of adventure remains in mind till the end of your life and one your grandchildren may get bored off because you talk about it too often! A massive congrats to the whole team for succeeding in such a challenge!

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I would also like to thank Frank for joining us on this adventure and reporting on every single challenge the team took part in over those 4 days and nights. The photos, soon to be released, are a true testimony to this team’s courage and I encourage you to go through them and share them as much as you can!
A final photo in Les Arcs 1800 and it was time to celebrate, a night of partying, dancing, singing, drinking, global debauchery… Well, so we thought! We were all in bed by 10pm too tired to even sing along to the Jackson 5!

A massive thank you to the everyone in the team: Laure, Olympe, Geraldine, Antoine, Nicolas, Erwan, Morgan, Nigel, Niels, Yannick, Maxime, Jean Baptiste, Juan and Christian. An even bigger thank you to Claire for organising this and believing in this crazy challenge all along. And a final thank you to Brad, Simmoni and I think myself for accompanying these extraordinary people in their adventure! Scality Rocks! »

Day 3 Cycling our way up hills and through the pain


Day 3 involved a lot of cycling. It started off with Erwan and Morgan who shot through the pack and did a magnificent performance! It was like being on the tour the France! Yannick and JB took over for the transplanted race with Stéphane who has had a lung transplant. The race took us through the beautiful burgundy wines which we could unfortunately only admire from afar much to Frank's despair! Jean Baptiste ran a very long 30km run which amazing support and team spirit helped him get through!

Then it was on to Niels and Nigel for a bike and run duathlon. We were soon to experience the saying "never judge someone by their looks"! Indeed Niels with his really long legs, running shoes, undersized bike (it's Pierre Derome's bike if you want to visualize the siée difference!!) and most generally the worst cycling look on the departure line, would have made Armstrong look like a beginner - and he wasn't even on drugs! Niels was pretty proud to leave his competitors on the Spot!! Luckily he managed not to injure his chin with his knees whilst pedaling as he was to take part in the night shift later on.

But before that, it was on to Laure, Maxime, Antoine and Erwan for a 30km sprint relay involving a relay car with all the runners in it and a following car for security. The idea is that the first runner goes for 100m or so before he passes the relay on to runner #2 who is already waiting for him and then #2 runs 100m before giving to #3, same for runners #3 to #4 before #4 gives back to #1! Did you follow? Well, now try and understand how that works when you know that all the runners hop in and out of the same car!! How the motor of this van survived remains a mystery!!

And so it was on to group C, Yannick, Jean Baptiste, Nigel and Niels to start their night shift. A casual 17,8k constant uphill for Yannick, a 15k reduced to 7k for Jean Baptiste to catch up on schedule, a 14k for Nigel with a real b*****d of a slope at the end and a 12.5k for Niels with something that could be qualified as a f****r of a slope to finish!

A nuit blanche to remember!! Day 4 will start off with the oldies race (I'll let you guess who's that in the Scality team) before we all meet up for singing and dancing for the Course du Cœur (that sounds pretty professional to what is actually is though!).

Thanks to Roxanne and Yannick for providing us with this entertaining account of the third day !
Thanks to Frank for shooting the pictures
Thanks to the team to captivate us day after day…

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Thank you for rocking Scality!

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The last update email I sent was on September 1st, 2016. Since December, I’m back in the office, so you may wonder what brings yet another mass email from me.

First, a series of three would please the laws of rethorics. Also, this feuilleton deserves closure.

The Course du Coeur started two days ago and we’re all already feeling tired and sore… and extatic! It’s amazing to be a part of this, and every single one of you made it possible. How? By supporting us at every moment, by inquiring about our training, our well-being, our fears… We all carry these stories close to our hearts.
The closure I want to bring is on a personal level. This time, your support feels different : for over a year, Scality (as in: each and every one of you) has been lifting me up through hard and harder times. For this race, you’re lifting a team - yourselves, ourselves - which I’m a part of, but the times are not hard anymore: they're challenging. And this is a challenge we take up together.

Our support to a cause greater than our camaraderie is made possible by this camaraderie. Our undertaking of challenges bigger than us is made possible by our exceptional individual performances : they draw us « to infinity and beyond ».

I am thankful for the values Scality upholds, and even more for the individuals that take this mission to heart. I will never be able to thank you enough for the support you’ve given me on a personal level last year, but I hope that, as part of the team, I’ll be able to share enough of this wonderful adventure with you so you are with us every step of the way.

So I suggest I make my closure an opening: how about we all start writing more about the amazing adventure Scality is? Both on human, technical, entrepreneurial, global, and you-name-it levels? I think this Course du Coeur is a great opportunity to get started.

Thank you for being bold, hardworking, fine diners, fun players, good dancers, great teachers, gentle caretakers. Thank you for providing customer amazement, and Gartner Quadrant magic.

Thank you for rocking Scality,



Day 2: Fast track, saucisson, massages and POs

IMG 0170

Thursday was quite a day. It started with the Fastack team, Erwan and Nicolas on the bike and run race. Car J was waiting to follow the race when a lone rider appeared, far in front of the others, but soon thereafter another lone rider appeared, running like he was on fire. 2nd place! All he could say was, where's Nico? Finally, Nico arrived at the back and they switched back and forth until they ran and biked hand in hand across the finish line. Lost the 2nd place but did very, very well!

Antoine, Christian and Yannick took over with a run with a liver transplanted runner, Victor, well advanced in age.

Then it was on to our heavyweights, Niels and Nigel, and if you know Nigel, you will not be surprised to know we were penalized because he was too light! Other teams were penalized more, and we had a fine showing. They finished the race less heavyweigth than they started!

Yannick and Jean-Baptiste had the next stage a "lazy" downhill slog. Lots of kilometers on this leg and JB was hoping for the unicorn we've all been looking for.

We enjoyed the local saucisson offered at the beginning of the next stage, and we can highly recommend the Chorizo in Hameau de Val Profonde. This was a special stop, we took pics with the Gendarms, the volonteers and chatted with other teams. Maxime shared his anti-friction creme with an SAP runner and they are now fast friends. The first runner on Yannick and J-Bs race arrived without even raising a sweat, 10 minutes before everyone else; it takes all kinds to make a world.

Maxime packed away another 18.8KM as darkness fell. He fell in stride with 5 other runners including Mr SAP, they shared water bottles and stories (on the descents). Five of them arrived together at the finish line, a crazy descent in cobblestone streets in the medival city of Joigny. Another top 10 finish.

The team met up for dinner and massages. Everyone has fallen in love with the physical therapists at each stop that massage away the pain of the miles.

Off to bed! We pass the baton to team B with 4 big solo runs through the night for Antoine, Geraldine, Olympe and Juan. Christian feeling unwell stayed behind for a rest, hoping he gets back on tracks for Day 3! A beautiful night which saw some extremely good performances, one struggling Geraldine who was joined by Frank, Antoine and Roxanne for moral support towards the end of her race. Sorry Emilio she had to take a break from POs for a while but she is back in working order now. Juan ended the night shift with a beautiful sunrise and a long 19k run.
All in all a great day of fun, physical performance, camaraderie and emotions! On to Erwan and Morgan for the start of Day 3 on a bike and bike race.

Thanks to Roxanne and Brad for providing us with this entertaining account of the first day !
Thanks to Frank for shooting the pictures
Thanks to the team to captivate us day after day…

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Stories from Day 1

DSC 5047

Scality Rocks la CDC – Day 1 : the nightmare of logistics and the euphoria of success

Day 1 of the CDC kicked off at the Eiffel Tower with a dozen runners proudly sporting the Scality colours, posing for Frank, our official photographer and getting to know the other teams, of which quite a few are Scality partners and clients (HPE, SCC, Natixis, Silca..). It was all going well; the sun was out and everyone felt excited although a little nervous about the 750km ahead of them. A captain was named for each of the 4 cars and supporters were there to cheer our runners on. The group then set off for the Prologue, taking them from the Eiffel Tower to the Parc des Princes in Paris 16, where the first official race was to start!

But as we all know very well, things rarely go according to plan for very long… So whilst the 4 cars, the supporters and the runners made it safely to the Parc des Princes after the prologue, someone was left behind. Frank, our photographer! Note to all Car Captains – do not forget Frank or any of your runners! Rule #1! Luckily, Frank knows his way around Paris and managed to hop into an Uber to join us in time to catch up with Olympe, Nicolas and Juan who had started their first race, 16km from Boulogne-Billancourt to Vélizy. And so we set off for a full 4 days and 4 nights of running, biking and rollerblading.

All things went pretty much according to plan from then on, an 8k run by Laure, Nigel and Jean-Baptiste followed by a 20k run by Yannick, Niels and Maxime before Team A set off for their night shift! Géraldine, Erwan, Morgan and Antoine started their relay at 1am and finished at 8am this morning. An entire night of running, cheering, snoozing… And a special thanks goes to Morgan who took the hardest run, 22kms with all the Course du Coeur’s best runners for each team. In fact, he was not running but rather flying on the road : from the beginning of the race, he was with the group in front. It was amazing to see how fast and how easily he was going. On his arrival in Buthiers at 8am, all the best runners came to congratulate him. A massive achievement for Scality who is so far on track with one of its objectives which is not to finish last!

Meanwhile, whilst rule #1 had been applied by all other car captains, we were soon to learn rule #2: find out where you are sleeping before you need to sleep! Yannick, Brad, Niels and Maxime learned the hard way at 3am when getting back from their 20k run. There were only 2 spare beds for 4 people… After a half awake conversation with the receptionist, a magic key to a magic room was found behind the hotel reception meaning everyone could happily rest for Day 2’s challenge!

Go Go Go ScalityRocks!

IMG 20170329 WA0007

The Course du Coeur 2017 started Wednesday evening! We are so happy, proud to start this adventure together!

Few hours before the prologue, we were asked about our feelings :

How are you feeling before the start of the race/ your mindset?

- Antoine: Go, go, go!
- Juan: I am both nervous and excited ... with the nerves winning right now!
- Geraldine: 5000% excited and at full throttle
- Niels: Excited, want it to start

- Christian: Just collected the cars and had a long night sleep, starts to feel real and exciting now !

- Yannick: Excited/Stressed/Proud/Have the impression I have an exam today :)/Can’t wait to have fun with the team !
- Laure: Excited! And somewhat anxious! Overall very eager to see how far our Scality team will push itself (to infinity and beyond!)
- Maxime: Anxious to get started :-)
- Jean-Baptiste: Au top !
- Nicolas: Super excited, I have the feeling we are totally « A l’arrache » and nothing is really ready !, but never mind, we’ll do our best :)
- Nigel: Worried as I’m carrying a small injury.
- Erwan: super excited can't wait to start!! Sure it's going to be a great time and hope to make a good race with even better fun!!!
- Olympe: Ready to kick-off !!! and over-positively-excited
- Morgan: I'm really exited and happy to take part to the course du coeur, but also a bit intimated because it's huge event with a big organisation !

What are your objectives during this race (either physical objectives or personal ones...)?
- Antoine: Make sure I help the team and be in shape until the last run (don't want Scality to finish last!)
- Juan: To pace myself enough such that I can make it through each of my stages of the race without slowing the team too much. And to try to enjoy the scenery as much as possible!!
- Geraldine: Give it all I can
- Niels: Help the team, have fun and enjoy the challenge (and the unknown parts of France)
- Christian: All my required paces throughout the race are faster than I'm used to, so I will be focused on my pace a lot while making sure to not be too fast as well.
Hardest day will be Saturday where I am running twice, in the afternoon and in the night. And if cause I fear the French singing also on Saturday;)
- Yannick: Have fun !!! Help the team and make sure we all enjoy our races ! Get to the end with no major problems and celebrate on Sunday night :)
- Laure: Do my best, and push myself as hard as I can. And then be satisfied with the result, no matter what it is.
- Maxime: Have fun and never slow down!
- Jean-Baptiste: Je n'ai pas l'habitude de faire de longues distances et je vais devoir les enchaîner. Il va falloir que je tienne... Et je tiendrai ! 😌
- Nicolas: Not to finish the last, but first objective is to finish the race
- Nigel: Complete the run and see more of France
- Erwan: Since it’s the first time we're doing it, my expectation are pretty reasonable just hoping I'll be in good shape for my runs and bikes and rowing sessions!!
- Olympe: Give it all and even surpass myself ! Plus be strongly supportive to my team, meet other amazing people from the race and have fun !
- Morgan: I'd like to give my maximum on each race and enjoy the event with the team.

Enjoy Guys each step!! You will rock!!!



La Course du Coeur

La Course du Coeur

Heart Race is a socially-responsible sporting event, intended to highlight the critical importance of organ donation.
Organ Donation

Organ Donation

Every year, organ transplants save more than 5200 lives, and touch many more through the grateful friends, relatives and colleagues who surround them. Organ donation makes it happen.


Convinced of the huge value of transplantation and physical activity, in 1989 a group of organ transplant-recipient athletes joined with physicians to found Trans-Forme, l'Association Fédérative Française...