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Support Laurette Fugain NGO with Scality's Course du Coeur team!

  C6BiR9TWgAEpYWCScality's team for the Course du Coeur is going to support an NGO named Laurette Fugain.

Laurette Fugain has earned international respect (through CAF and Benevity in the US especially), and our encounter with them has convinced us that they were trustworthy, and that our donation was really going to make a difference.

We've decided to support their research projects. Every year, they support 6 research projects aiming at better understanding and curing blood-borne illnesses, and they told us this is where they need the most funding.

We have set up a donation page at https://www.helloasso.com/utilisateurs/laure-vergeron-scality-com/collectes/scality-rocks-course-du-coeur/. Please share it with your friends, family, and even customers if you feel they might be interested, along with our descriptive powerpoint: Presentation

Every single € or $ counts, so do not think it is too low to give, whatever is great and we thank you a lot


If you pay your taxes in France:
be aware any donation makes you eligible for tax deductions of 70% of the amount you donate (off your taxable incomes). After each donation, the site sends you a receipt you can simply attach to your tax declaration. If you're not a French speaker, we have a step-by-step powerpoint that takes you through it!

If you pay your taxes in the USA:
as an individual: you can donate through CAF America at https://cafa.iphiview.com/cafa/GiveNow/SearchResults/tabid/617/dispatch/dagenhancedcharitysearch_keywords$laurette!kfugain/Default.aspx . Click on "Donate now" next to "Association Laurette Fugain", and choose the amount you wish to contribute. Please specify "Participation to the Scality Rocks Course du Coeur campaign" in the "Grant purpose" box. CAF America should then allow you to apply for tax deduction.
as a company: if customers are interested, they can use CAF America for single gifts, and CAF America or Benevity if they wish to use trust funds or foundations to give. For single gifts, they can use the same instructions as individuals. If they wish to do something different, they can get in touch with CAF America, Benevity will be happy to help as well.

If you pay your taxes elsewhere:
you can follow either of the procedures above. We're sorry we couldn't get specific procedures for every country. The easier way is probably to follow the French procedure, as we have a step-by-step powerpoint that takes you through it.

Please help us buzz! Please share the contents of this email on your social networks, with your email contacts, and wherever you think is relevant! Thank you

Thanks a lot for your support!

The Scality Rocks CDC team



La Course du Coeur

La Course du Coeur

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